Missing children, runaway teens, deadbeat parents, mentally unstable adults, reclusive relatives, key witnesses - if you are concerned about the safety and/or whereabouts of a loved one or individual, The Siroff Group can help. A proactive missing persons investigations firm with over 15 years of experience, we boast one of the highest success rates in the industry. Having worked extensively on a number high profile cases that include situations of abduction, parental kidnapping, mental illness and foul play, our investigators are accustomed to handling a variety of circumstances with compassion, care and - perhaps most important of all - conviction.

Our missing persons services involve:

  • Comprehensive collection and analysis of information and evidence derived from the police and client
  • Acquisition and review of all public and personal records of the subject
  • Intensive interviewing of family members, friends, acquaintances and potential witnesses, by phone and in person
  • Canvassing neighborhoods and conducting field investigations to uncover new leads and evidence
  • Documentation in the form of video surveillance, photo evidence and a written report

Why hire a private investigator to locate a missing person? One of the key challenges of police-led missing persons cases is time. Police will only begin looking for a missing person after a specified period of time has passed (24-hours if the person is over the age of 13) and are often reluctant to search for someone who voluntarily left home (teen runaway) or chooses to live on the streets. Even in situations where they do engage in a search, they are limited in jurisdiction and can only dedicate so much manpower for so long before they may be required to end the investigation.

Missing persons cases require time, focus and the right amount of creative thinking. The Siroff Group is equipped and prepared to work nationally and (when necessarily) globally in order to locate a missing person. Meticulous, determined, and thorough, we use strategic techniques to zero in on the details and employ deductive reasoning to uncover critical clues. We go to work immediately and can be retained for as long as you require in order to obtain the information you seek.