While in many instances a stalker may limit harassment to annoying phone calls, emails, text messages and letters, it is not uncommon for a situation to escalate, into an assault or homicide. Due to an offender's erratic and unpredictible behavior, it can be hard to predict what a stalker will do next or how far they will go. Whether your situation involves an individual you know intimately (e.g. a jealous ex-husband or wife, former partner or lover, a business partner or work colleague, a friend), a casual acquaintance or a complete stranger, stalking is a crime that can leave you psychologically traumatized, physically injured or worse. The Siroff Group is experienced in handling a wide range of stalking situations and can implement an investigation strategy to provide you with the information you need to catch the offender and/or press charges. Our trained agents understand the different types of stalking personalities and behavior, the impact it has on its victims and how to implement solutions to help increase safety.

Our stalker / harassment services include:

  • Conduct an extensive criminal background check of the offender
  • Collect and document evidence to help establish probable cause
  • Implement discreet undercover surveillance operations to identify the offender and capture evidence
  • Assist victims in implementing appropriate safety and protection counter-measures and tactics
  • Supplying legal evidence in the form of video/photographic evidence and written detailed observations

Having handled a wide range of domestic cases, The Siroff Group is equipped to work both nationally and globally to investigate any of your personal concerns and provide you with the answers you need to choose the right course of action. We are sensitive to the emotional nature of these types of investigations and work with our clients to acquire information as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible. We provide the legal evidence you need to protect your financial stability, safety, and, most importantly, your family.

The Siroff Group will gather and assemble information for a case - and, if necessary, testify in court. We can provide audio in a variety of formats and generate video and photographic evidence in the highest quality possible. As much of our work involves developing evidence to be presented in court, The Siroff Group employs investigative methods that can bear the scrutiny of both judges and juries. We believe in establishing and adhering to an appropriate and approved set of ground rules to ensure a high degree of transparency and accountability.