If an employer suspects that sexual harassment is taking place on its premises or among its employers, it is their legal responsibility to immediately retain unbiased investigators to determine the validity of those suspicions. An employer's failure to respond could be considered factual proof that the employer was negligent in providing a safe work environment for its workers - even if the employer has no direct evidence that the unwelcome sexual harassment took place.

Whether you are a victim, the employer, or one who believes that you have been wrongfully accused of sexual harassment, protect yourself and your reputation, as well as limit your liability, with a thorough, professional investigation. The Siroff Group supports a team of trained private investigators who are skilled to appropriately address any situations related to sexual harassment.

Our sexual harassment services include:

  • Performing background checks and due diligence on all parties involved
  • Interviewing witnesses and collecting witness affidavits
  • Conducting undercover video or photo surveillance
  • Documenting information and formatting evidence

As much of our work involves developing evidence to be presented in court, we are careful to employ investigative methods that can bear the scrutiny of judges and juries. We believe in establishing and adhering to an appropriate and approved set of ground rules to ensure a high degree of transparency and accountability. The Siroff Group specializes in providing investigative services for civil, corporate and criminal cases relating to issues that include child custody, divorce, family law, intellectual property, libel, loss, patent infringement, product liability, and sexual harassment. All investigations are strictly confidential.

The Siroff Group can gather and assemble information for a case - and, if necessary, attend court to present evidence. We are capable of delivering audio in a variety of formats and generating video and photographic evidence in the highest quality possible. We understand that tight schedules imposed by trial dates are part of the business and we will work to acquire information as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible.